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 Adult Long Johns - Limited Quantities Left!



These are real Long John's (sometimes call Union Suits) Made of 100% cotton with a 3 button flap on your rear. Why not snuggle up with your honey on a cold night in matching Long John's!!! From Wikipedia:A union suit is a type of one-piece long underwear. It originated as women's wear during the nineteenth-century United States clothing reform efforts as an alternative to constricting garments and soon gained popularity among men as well. The first union suit was patented in 1868 as "emancipation union under flannel." Traditionally made of red flannel with long arms and long legs, it also traditionally buttoned up the front and had a button-up rear "access hatch" (colloquially known as a fireman's flap) so the wearer can eliminate bodily waste without undressing. Depending on the size of the suit, some Union suits can have the maximum of 11 buttons on the front to be fastened through buttonholes from the neck down to the groin area. This warm and practical garment remained in common use in North America into the twentieth century. As its popularity waned it became chiefly working men's wear. It was not uncommon until the mid-1900s for rural men to wear the same union suit continuously all week, or even all winter. Normally, no other type of underwear was worn with it. One of the major events of the spring was the time when the union suits were removed, washed, and put away for the summer. We have these Union Suits and ours have the "access hatch". In films and television, wearing a union suit was a sign that the character was completely out of touch with the modern world. Available in S (sleeve 26", waist 28", length 62"), M (sleeve 28", waist 33", length 65"), L (sleeve 29", waist 36", length 65"), XL (sleeve 30, waist 38", length 67") & XXL (sleeve 31", waist 42", length 70").

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