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Cowboy Outfitters is located deep in the heart of cowboy country in Highlands, Texas. Famous battles of the Texas Revolution were fought not too far from here and the Texas Declaration of Independence was issued just a short ride away. Real gunfighters and outlaws frequented the territory between Austin, Dallas and Houston and Native Americans once roamed these pine forests and grasslands. We also are 5th generation ranchers and work a 200 head cattle ranch in North Zulch, Texas.

Cowboy Outfitters was founded to recreate the environment that cowboys and cowgirls live in and lived in by making available western wear,cowboy clothes, saddles and gear of the highest quality available. The design of our cowboy clothes and western apparel and equipment is based on actual items used and worn by the cowboys of the Old West. Also, the design of our western wear will have been worn in Hollywood, on stage or is a totally new design. Whether your western wear interest is in the old, new or something completely different, we hope you find it here and will give you pleasure. We have the best selection of cowboy clothing and western wear found anywhere.

Cowboy Outfitters, thanks to the outstanding support of our customers, visitors and western industry partners, has become the World's Premier Cowboy Store. Cowboy Outfitters' customers hail from all of these United States and every continent except Antarctica (so far). To learn more about Cowboy Outfitters, please select one of the following topics or scroll down. We have endeavored to anticipate most questions; however, if your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at any time:

A Word From The Management

We would like to sincerely thank you for showing an interest in the cowboy way of life and for visiting our web pages. Thanks to the Internet, people from all walks of life and geographic areas can come together to share common interests as never before. We see our mission as making aspects of the cowboy life from both yesteryear and today accessible to everyone. If you are interested in cowboy products or cowboy issues, one of the most useful things you can do is take a second and provide us with your feedback. We listen to your comments and appreciate people who take the opportunity to communicate with us in a constructive way. This is especially true if you are interested in a specific cowboy item and you cannot find it on our web site. This will help us determine which gaps need to be filled (please keep in mind that our specialty is quality, made-in-the-USA goods). You may also contact the management directly with any of your questions, praise or concerns, if you wish. We hope you enjoy your visit here; please return often as our site is constantly changing.

The Cowboy Outfitters Management Team

Contact Cowboy Outfitters

Toll-free: (800) 791-7264
Local: (281) 426-3280
Fax: (800) 878-3970
Customer Service: info@cowboyoutfitters.com
Internet-Related Queries: webwrangler@cowboyoutfitters.com
Corporate Queries/Contact the Management: feedback@cowboyoutfitters.com
Corporate Address/Retail Showroom/Returns:

Cowboy Outfitters
214 South 4th Street
P.O. Box 367
Highlands, Texas 77562

Sales Tax (Texas Residents Only)

Residents of the State of Texas will be charged 8.25% sales tax on their order.


All online transactions at Cowboy Outfitters are handled with industry-standard secure socket layer (SSL) encryption using the "Stronghold" secure server. In our opinion, this is the best security program available on the market today. When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, then decoded when it gets to us. Your credit card number is never transmitted by email or any unencrypted format. We have been able to find no instances of security compromises using our software, which is employed by many other leading online stores. Of course, there is always a danger that unscrupulous people will find a way to obtain credit card numbers, but with Cowboy Outfitters you are safer than if you used your credit card in a store or restaurant. We will continue to improve security to take advantage of the latest improvements in the technology. If you have any questions about security here at Cowboy Outfitters, please send a note to info@cowboyoutfitters.com.

Affiliate Program/Partners

Cowboy Outfitters maintains an Affiliate program for western and cowboy-oriented web sites suitable for family viewing. Participation in this program is limited to web sites that enjoy a minimum traffic level and that maintain a web site consistent with western values and ideals. Cowboy Outfitters is also negotiating partnership agreements with other web sites interested in the western way of life and/or providing services to Internet users looking for products and information dealing with cowboys, cowgirls and the west. If you are interested in our Affiliate program, wish to discuss partnering with Cowboy Outfittters, or have a general question please send a message to info@cowboyoutfitters.com with the word "Affiliate" or "Partner" (or "Pardner", of course) in the subject line of the message.

Corporate Information

The Cowboy Outfitters Store and CowboyOutfitters.com web site are owned and operated by Cowboy Adventures, Inc., a Texas corporation registered in Highlands, Texas. Please send any press, employment, investor or other corporate queries to feedback@cowboyoutfitters.com.

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